For the exhibition that opens next Thursday, Montana Gallery Barcelona has placed their wagers on an interesting local artist; Alberto de Blobs. It´s an exceptional occasion for the Barcelona based painter to share some of his MTN water based paint techniques with us; the MTN Water Based 100 as well as the markers from the same line of products.

Opening: Thursday, February 11th, 2016.
Exhibition: February 12th to March 25th, 2016.

‘Manners & Customs’

Through a language of powerful impact, Alberto de Blobs explores the narrative potential of contemporary painting. In his work he includes multiple art historical references as well as those from Graffiti culture, an artistic field which he has been a part of since the 90’s.

‘Manners and Customs’ gives us an introduction to Alberto de Blobs’ imagined reality; one that’s been forged in his own brilliance and here all types of influences that he has received so far are melded and adapted to the search for new experiences. It’s a reality free of any convention or attachment to any particular aesthetic trend.


Blobs’ paintings describe a twisted anatomy and a strident chromaticism that is cold at times, and dark on others. His works are characterized by elements that possess intrinsically installation-like nuances and are capable of profoundly transforming the spaces into which they are inserted, creating scenarios and worlds that progressively captivate the viewer. There are a dozen artworks to represent the incessant investigation of this invisible, geometric reality of a supernatural and eternal origin.

The exhibition proposed to Montana Gallery Barcelona involves a pictorial dialogue that took place in a rural setting, where the prominent elements resulting from the artist’s investigation in recent years come together in perfect technical and conceptual synthesis.


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