The Majorcan urban artist, Sath, together with the Aproscom Foundation have began a participatory mural project for people with intellectual disabilities. Conscious of creative expression’s potential as a therapeutic tool, the Centre d’Educació Especial Joan Mesquida in Manacor (Majorca) wants their students to get started on the aerosol technique as a new form of creative expression.

The project which consists of an introductory workshop held in the centre itself, and the possibility to  collaborate on the mural that Sath will paint on the side wall of Can Dinksy gallery in the town of Son Servera. The mural will also include the names of the contributors to the crowdfunding campaign for the project. It´s a wonderful initiative in which Linea 6, our Montana Colors point of sale in Palma de Majorca, will be collaborating by providing material.

Art is much more than an expression of ideas and emotions. It´s been shown that the arts have therapeutic effects for people with different types of impairments, especially intellectual disabilities. At the Centre d’Educació Especial Joan Mesquida, a school for people with intellectual disabilities located in Manacor (Majorca), we´d like to take a stripe forward in the use of these techniques and offer our students the possibility to learn and have fun while making large format mural works.


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