Under the premise of “art in motion”, the ‘Truck Art Project‘ was born. Last Thursday this interesting project was presented to the press in which six trucks are transformed into canvases for the artists, Suso33, Javier Arce, Javier Calleja, Abraham Lacalle, Okuda San Miguel, and Marina Vargas.

The vehicles, once converted into artworks on wheels, would be presented at the most important art fair in Spain, ARCO Madrid. During the coming years, the trucks will travel to different parts of the Spanish map, and some of them will be itinerant galleries in charge of transporting art to places with little cultural offering.
During the next few months, more names will be added to the project which will augment the artistic offering and its repercussion.


I find it interesting to be able to situate painting in other contexts outside of the halls of culture. It desacralizes it’. Abraham Lacalle.


Jaime Colsa, IAM Gallery, Fer Francés, and Oscar Sanz are the people responsible for materializing this interesting initiative that we’ll just have to keep our eyes on.

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