We have mentioned earlier that Sabadell (Barcelona) is a place which offers a great blend of people and cultures. An example of this might be what happened here last Saturday. What started out as a meeting of three people with a need to paint and hang out ended up becoming a mural project with around 20 writers participating after the word had spread.


We find all kinds of styles on the wall, classic ones like Hoes, Enrea and Skow, more effectful styles like Emak, Miedo12 and Bonzai to more personal styles like the ones of Benit, Stain, Paco and Sioc. The result became a wide selection of different tastes, and more importantly, a gathering of friends full of laughs and good vibes. Everything thanks to Krane and Treze.

sabadell_meeting_mtn_bonzai_treze_2sabadell_meeting_mtn_miedo12_actionsabadell_meeting_mtn_bonzai_94sabadell_meeting_mtn_wesosabadell_meeting_mtn_siocsabadell_meeting_mtn_stainsabadell_meeting_mtn_pacosabadell_meeting_mtn_enreasabadell_meeting_mtn_benitsabadell_meeting_mtn_deroksabadell_meeting_mtn_hoessabadell_meeting_mtn_skowsabadell_meeting_mtn_noblesabadell_meeting_mtn_harrybonessabadell_meeting_mtn_musasabadell_meeting_mtn_emak_2 sabadell_meeting_mtn_sackesabadell_meeting_mtn_miedo12_2 sabadell_meeting_mtn_bonzai_treze_wall

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