The Berlin writer, Raws takes us on a ride during a day of graff in an abandoned building in the middle of the countryside. It’s a different type of experience, almost spiritual, where writer and piece are tucked in together by the intimacy that solitude can provide. It all goes down in an evocative and melancholic atmosphere where destruction and creation go hand in hand.


After a long drive, we arrived somewhere in the middle of nowhere to check out some cool abandoned areas, in hopes to be creative and paint some pieces.


Painting at these kind of spots is much more fun than painting a legal wall in Berlin for the 100th time, where everyday someone crosses your piece. It is very exciting to discover old spaces like factories, schools or other abandoned buildings from around the beginning of last century.


I like the smell, the adventure, and the good time you can have with your friends. This time, my homies “Skenar” and “Skur” joined me to put some spray paint on blanked-out old walls.


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