The evocative work of Daniel Muñoz ‘San’ usually speaks for itself, but that’s not to say it can’t be packed into one nice package thanks to help from different resources. That’s what happened with ‘Osciloscopio’, a catalogue that gathers the interventions that the artist from Cáceres did during his stay in Scotland in 2015; five pieces made alongside the train line, two murals, and three installations. And it’s all complemented by sketches and annotations from his personal notebook, as well as texts by Sergio Albarracín “Elphomega”, Eduardo Espinosa, and Marcos Fernández.


It’s an intimate and inspiring journey, materialized into an editorial piece in a limited edition of 450 copies that will be presented at El Montana Cafe Restaurant Barcelona next Friday, March 18th. It will be just one of the stops in a series of book presentations that will pass through Málaga (Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Málaga CAC), Madrid (Swinton & Grant) Sevilla (Delimbo), Moraleja (Librería Neruda), and Bilbao (SC Gallery).


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