Let’s go back to a section that we’ve forgotten about a little… Ritual of Sketching. And we’re coming back strong in bringing you graffiti on paper by the Swedish writer, Kear STK; a name that’s going strong lately, thanks to a stylized wildstyle, derived from the classic mold.


It goes without saying that sketching is an important aspect in graffiti. It’s the easiest and cheapest way to practice your style and your letter forms. I know, at least in my opinion, it was essential at the time I started writing to always have a pen and paper, and to practice all the time to make the letters look good.


These days I don’t sketch that much but it varies. When I get an idea in my head (often late at night…), it could be anything, a certain part of a letter or a connection or whatever, I scribble it down on some paper so I don’t forget, and sometimes finish the letter or the sketch later on.


Nowadays I usually just sketch the outline, sometimes just a part; for example the K, or KE to have something to start off with at the wall. Can’t really find the time to do full-page color sketches as I used to before.


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