In the Manshiyat Nasr neighborhood of Cairo, there is a community of Coptic Christians who for over 50 years have dedicated themselves to garbage collection. Their work relies on the most efficient recycling system in the world. Unfortunately, the resulting filth gives the neighborhood an inevitable marginalized and segregated appearance.


El Seed has been working on a piece located in this neighborhood of the Egyptian capital for two weeks, in attempts to bring some color and vibrance to the Zaraeeb community. An anamorphic piece now covers 50 buildings as such that the entire composition can only be seen from a specific viewpoint on Mount Moqattam.


The piece is constructed by the characteristic style of arabic typography that is best known to El Seed, utilizing words from San Atanasio de Alejandría, a saint from the Copta Church whose motto reads, “He who wants to see the sunlight, will have to wash his eyes first”.


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