Miguel Ángel Belinchón, aka “Belin”, has begun announcing his next exhibition on March 31st. The Hospital de Santiago in Úbeda (Jaén, Spain), to be specific, the “Sala Pantor Elbo” room, will be the place where the most complete showing of works by the artist from Linares will be held. This selection of pieces that make up collections such as, “Eternal Youth”, “Slavery”, “Belin vs Warhol”, or the most recent “Amorfobia”, will be available for viewing until April 30th.


According to his own words:

‘Friends, the emotion is embracing me on this occasion, I present to you what up until this date will be the most complete, courageous, original, crazy, passionate, sweet, romantic, and authentic exhibition I’ve inaugurated in my life. With tears in my eyes I can tell you that this exhibition will cause a before and an after in my career. I’ve discovered with the passing of the years that the most important thing is to work with love, to have a love for sublime art, and an unbridled passion for life.
It’s a show with different nuances of flavor in which I wanted to highlight by love for my art. It may sound pretentious, but it’s pure truth’.


In catching up with Belin’s whereabouts, a reference should be made to a recent musical collaboration; his participation in the music video by the singer, Sharif, for the song, “Dorian Gray”.


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