We can already say that winter is finished. At least that’s the EgoWar team’s opinion as they have already released issue 13 dedicated to that very season. 19 systems appear in this issue of the magazine dedicated solely to suburban graffiti.


Some unusual activity on the yellow Neapolitan metro commences the first pages which continue on with the same color: a mandatory stop in Berlin in which classic names like Trus and Abis don’t less us down, as well as the odd surprise.


The first special section is dedicated to the Copenhagen crew, FK. The Fakse Kondi addicts show us their credentials, making it clear that they’re the ones in charge of the driverless metros in the Danish capital.


By means of two photos we visit the Seoul metro – Rumba wins first place with a piece on the nose of the train – continuing on as it should be, we stop in Amsterdam where Furious and Same maintain their leading roles.
Honor and Nokier give us a South Korean geography lesson with two photos of a city that you surely have’t heard of; Busan. Then, we stop over at the crushed Catania system, and continue on to an Athens system that’s cleaner than ever.


In the pages dedicated to Barcelona, the historic red model and the triple wholecar benched between the trees of Santa Eulalia are definite highlights.


Luckily, the mild-mannered yet sensational photographs by Edward Nightingale in Italy let us rest from the adrenaline rush, with two flicks of the Swedish raid by Fame crew in Moscow.


On the blue metros of Madrid and Stockholm, Trus and Fame crew are highlights yet again. Next up, sharp styles in Nuremberg and the colored Milan line make way for an article on WATT crew. In this special feature are very recent pieces on different systems including Chicago, Mexico D.F., San Francisco, Montreal, and Toronto being stand-outs.


The final stretch begins with four pages dedicated to the Rome metro that are practically monopolized by Gofey and Wild. Following are two photos from the Austrian capital and then we finish up with fun pieces done at high speed on the Oslo metro.


Just after flipping through this issue, you get the feeling that you’ve got one of the most dense copies from the EgoWar sage in your hands. The 68 pages we’ve become used to contain the best selection yet.

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