Opens Thursday, March 31 at 8:00 PM.
Exhibition runs from April 1st to May 14th, 2016.

Three European graffiti names: Brus (Rome) from the SDT collective, Dizer (Paris) the emblematic member of the Ultra Boyz, and Ogre (Paris) from the abstract crew, French Kiss, join forces for the first time in a group show at Montana Gallery Barcelona under the title, ‘Hold The Line’.

BRUS discovered graffiti in his hometown, Rome. Since 2001 he’s been traveling the world leaving traces of his work and constantly evolving his style that’s based on graffiti with a strong calligraphic influence. Brus is without a doubt one of the top in Italy on trains, boasting a complex, traditional style, and yet he’s innovative in his use of color and the structural development of the pieces which he executes with high precision.

DIZER is the emblematic leader of VMD crew and one of the big names from Paris’ graffiti history. In his work you can find constant references to the roots of graffiti culture; throw-ups, tags, wildstyle, and it’s all the result of a strong influence from the classic NY and Berlin schools.


OGRE, a writer and artist from the French graffiti scene, has brought it among himself for years now to leaving his mark all over the world with a recognizable, robotic, dynamic, organic, and spontaneous style. He works with color, geometric shapes, and learns from abstract movements which have led him to building a logical and personal aesthetic.


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