Since Ogre will attend next weeks group expo at Montana Gallery Barcelona together with Brus and Dizer we thought it would be a good idea to make a review of his best pieces. The best way to do that is through our Tree Aces.


1. Roubaix (France). Festival Expressions Urbaines.

This piece is important to me because it reminds of the first time I went to paint abstract pieces without thinking.
Theres is nothing written in particular, and due to a quite present tiredness I just let the composition flow by itself.
You can still see a touch of my style in the curves, but alternative to my routine of letters. This type of change relieves creativity and helps you to develop ways of composition which I now show in my canvases, as to be seen in the show with Brus and Dizer coming up in Barcelona on Thursday 31st of March.


2. Bangkok (Thailandia). Masterclass en Central Embassy.

Two years ago I was searching the concept store Siwilai in Bangkok and they asked me to make a piece during a masterclass held on the top floor of the city’s most luxurious shopping center.
Once there I decided to do something in homage to Rammelzee and applied his style with arrow forms.
This piece is one of my longest ones, 13m long and between 3 to 4 meters high, and all made in only 4h.


3. Copenhagen (Denmark).

The winter was rough at this time of the year. It was one of those moments where you paint even if there is -15 degrees, all made together with my great friend Soten.
We had a panel each to paint so I decided to go as simple as possible.”Less is more”, this one was one of the toughest ones I ever did, and it came out quite well.

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