This Thursday, April 21st, First Amendment Gallery will be opening, ‘Style is Th Message’, the next exhibition by 123Klan. Klor and Scien will take their recognizable graffiti and design aesthetic to canvas, from Montreal to San Francisco. The inaugural event is free and open to the public from 6:30 to 9:30 PM, and the exhibition will remain open for public viewing until June 2nd.


Klor & Scien of 123Klan have produced a phenomenal collection exclusively for ‘Style Is The Message’, influenced by the unique Bay Area and California ‘vibe’ experienced while traveling. In true 123Klan fashion, they fuse graphic design and graffiti styles, resulting in a body of strikingly bold, experimental work. With clean lines, and just a few punchy, contrasting color choices, their loud yet minimalist use of acrylic mimics the visual impact of giant vinyl stickers adorning the gallery walls. The artists have created a sort of California ‘remix’ of their iconic mascots, logos, graffiti, and slogans–making a violently vibrant entrance to the Wild West.


Originally from France, 123KLAN was founded by husband and wife Scien and Klor in 1992. Heavily inspired by hip hop, the 90’s graffiti scene, and computer technology, the pair found creative ways to mix graffiti and graphic design. A couple years later, they invaded the web like vandals–conveying their personal style through digital media. In 2007, they opened a studio in Montréal, specializing in branding and logo creation, character design, art direction and of course, graffiti. At the same time, 123KLAN launched their in-house brand BANDIT-1$M. This hyper-active couple tour the world to share their talent through lectures, murals and shows.


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