From the Swiss capital comes a new copy of one of the few magazines that survived the paper crisis. With the same aesthetic as always, NonStop number 25 brings us up to date on the graffiti outlook in the land of chocolate bars and knives.


As usual, the illegal street graffiti occupies the first pages with a proper summary on Swiss vandal graffiti: a wide range of styles, pieces in the middle of the street, and experimental graffiti give way to the next section that comes in like a blur: walls. Here we find different trends, new names, and old ones too, amongst which Biko is never missing.


The classic section of quick questions, HELLO my name is, is dedicated to the writer, Unik CFK. Showing a preference for silver pieces on trains, the responses take on a humorous tone.


The much awaited train section arrives next and the pistachio-doored cars are invaded by the sinister alliances of the 031, OWZ, ILS, and CFK crews. It seems like the most careless styles have taken over the reigns in the Swiss capital and it’s verified with a page dedicated to the private lines.


We continue on through to the longer distance trains and the double decker ones, and here the spectrum of style broadens though the 031 and OWZ crews remain on the throne.


After a vignette-style double page spread with tips in German (that we don’t understand), there is a small space dedicated to the nostalgic readers with an interview with Rush 186, a writer from the 80’s.


The last pages are occupied by a complete feature on the aforementioned OWZ crew that demonstrates their importance in the Bern scene as well as overseas.


NonStop once again brings us the latest on the most transgressive and punk graffiti from Switzerland, with its unmistakable alternative look that this publication has had since its first issues. Our utmost respect goes out to the individuals who make publications like this one possible.


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