After years of writing graffiti, JACE wanted to reaffirm himself through the creation of the “Gouzou”; a faceless, genderless, ochre colored character, executed with simple, stylistically recognizable line work, that led him to gaining popularity first in his hometown, Reunion Island, and later on the international urban scene. Whether it be hanging off a cliff, leaning on a treasure chest on the beach, tied to a weight on the bottom of the sea, or caught in the spin cycle of a washing machine, Gouzou is always represented in a happy and colorful way.


Although JACE has exhibited the Gouzous in many corners of the world (in countries and cities including Le Havre, Paris, Budapest, Tunisia, Thailand, Madagascar, Mauritius, Hong Kong, New York…), he is more well known on Reunion Island where even the tourist websites promote his work as an attraction; something that is quite uncommon in the terrain of illegal artwork. After having worked for 23 years on the same character, this wonderful artist and urban regulator still finds a way to delight, surprise, and impress us in the most unexpected places.

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