The ‘Urban Festival’, held in Madrid during the month of April, was an appointment that Emak, Harry Bones, and Musa had to attend. The trip to the capital that was planned to be done by car meant the perfect excuse to do a stopover in the city of Zaragoza, which amplified the expectations of a weekend that was already looking quite promising.

Here are the results of some intense days of graffiti in the company of friends like Zoeroner and Sher.

bones_musa_emak-mtn_4empalme-zaragoza-demon-emak-zippo-musabones_musa_emak-mtn_bones_musa_emak-mtn_22016-04-Ramiro-De-Maeztu-Musa-Zoer-Emak-Dms111_emak-mtn_bones_musa_emak-mtn_1emak-mtn_bones_musa_emak-mtn_6 bones_musa_emak-mtn_3

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