Paola Delfín (Mexico) ‘Raíces’ (“Roots”)
Opening Thursday, May 19th. Exhibition runs from May 20th till July 1st, 2016.

The Mexican artist, Paola Delfín (Mexico City, 1989), presents her first exhibition in Barcelona titled, ‘Roots’ – a step back to the origins of life, like a natural miracle that exists in connection with the earth.

There are taproots that travel through lakes, valleys, meadows, mountains, forests, clouds, and tides, and there are other branched and tuberous roots that accumulate and store substances, regardless of their type or size. All of them always go beyond the confines of freedom and adhere to the depths of their spirit.


Paola’s work began with illustration, is inspired by graffiti, mixes organic forms, and breathes femininity by means of characters that invade the walls, paper, canvas, and unusual materials.

The exhibition, like each of the works that comprises it, is a story with multiple paths; various trunks that support the branches and leaves that stain the past, present, and those memories that become the last foundations to cling onto in order to not lose contact with the trunk.

‘Roots’ invites us to revisit this lost language, where no matter how thick, complex, and abstract the main root seems, it’s in unity that life elements find their sustenance. And it’s here that they celebrate their evolution and allow us to grow in an unpredictable way; chaotic and wild, with enough strength and profundity to show us how to carve out our own existence.


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