We are starting to get used to seeing interventions in which the protagonists are artists who have a trajectory of doing works in the public sphere and simultaneously maintain a prolific studio work ethic. This has led galleries like Nicolas Xavier and Montana Colors Montpellier to present projects like the one you see below: a group exhibition including referential artists from the local scene such as, Maye, Zest, Honck, EackOne, and Sade, who’ve decorated the 416 m2 of the metal fence that surrounds the perimeter of the Laissac central market.

Like folk art, it fulfills its function in being accessible for the public to view and in blending in with the streets and mixing with its people, the habitants who are passing through, and the ones who live there.

Given this evidence, it’s logical that institutions would want to offer their support, as in this case with the city’s mayor,  Philippe Saurel, which has underlined once again the artistic value of “urban art” and its contribution to the city (see the photo further down, which we’ll take this opportunity to add to our archive of “celebrities with spray cans in their hand”).


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