Montana Shop Gracia spends Thursday 16th of June on getting deeper on the arts of tattoing by presenting the new book “The Old Way“.

“THE OLD WAY” is a flash book which collects 75 printed sheets with over 300 designs by artist like Cardin, David, Gonzalo, Kuru and Sergio in a excellent editorial project. This is the way these five friends has chosen to confront and share their values, feelings and ideas through a old and classic way of life and style. This is a project which illustrates a way to understand and respect the profession of the tatto artist, free of pretension and ambition, it is finally simply a work made with alot of heart.

the_old_way_montana_shop_barcelona_gracia_1 the_old_way_montana_shop_barcelona_gracia_5 the_old_way_montana_shop_barcelona_gracia_2 the_old_way_montana_shop_barcelona_gracia_4 the_old_way_montana_shop_barcelona_gracia_3 the_old_way_montana_shop_barcelona_gracia_ the_old_way_montana_shop_barcelona_gracia_6

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