Original, surprising, and laborious. That’s Bordalo II’s work summed up in 3 words; an artist who converts metal scraps and garbage into animals. The idea is to represent nature utilizing materials that are precisely what endanger nature. The results are enormous sculptures in which color plays a determining factor in order to strip those materials of their identity.

The “Barrio Padre Cruz” is where the work titled, “Pig”, was constructed within the context of the MURO festival held in Lisbon and curated by Mistake Maker. Bordalo II has put good use to the MTN Water Based 300 which have proven to be the perfect tool for his works. In his words, “it’s not just easy for mixing colors, doing drips and textures…it’s also an ecological material. These types of aerosols are the future.”

bordalo_ii_mtn_water_based_300_5 bordalo_ii_mtn_water_based_300_1 bordalo_ii_mtn_water_based_300_4 bordalo_ii_mtn_water_based_300_6

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