It’s time to review of what’s been going on so far at the Urban Heart Basel Festival 2016.
A year after the successful 2015 edition, the meeting organized by Urbane Kunst Basel has invited Swiss and international artists to paint different spots throughout the city of Basel, with the objective to redesign buildings and bring joy to the locals through the promotion of current art. Everyone is invited to check out the different locations where graffiti and street art celebs will be working until June 19th.

urban_heart_basel_2016_mtn_1 urban_heart_basel_2016_mtn_2 urban_heart_basel_2016_mtn_ urban_heart_basel_2016_mtn_4 urban_heart_basel_2016_mtn_3 urban_heart_basel_2016_mtn_5 urban_heart_basel_2016_mtn_6 urban_heart_basel_2016_mtn_12 urban_heart_basel_2016_mtn_7 urban_heart_basel_2016_mtn_8 urban_heart_basel_2016_mtn_10 urban_heart_basel_2016_mtn_9 urban_heart_basel_2016_mtn_14

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