Being able to have Skore79 on board for the “Ritual of Sketch” section is a real luxury. Take a look at his creations on paper and you’ll understand why. The word “incredible” is often over used but on this occasion there’s nothing else that better explains his work…


“I´m doing often exchanges in the moment, to train different kind of letters and new combinations (help me distract sometimes from my own retracted letters). Sometimes its hard besides the full time job and the family business. But it help me stay in training”.

skore79_sketching_mtn_8 skore79_sketching_mtn_7 skore79_sketching_mtn_4 skore79_sketching_mtn_5 skore79_sketching_mtn_3 skore79_sketching_mtn_1 skore79_sketching_mtn_ skore79_sketching_mtn_2

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