Within the context of the Rose Beton Festival’s second edition, the city of Toulouse and 50cinq present the exhibition, Epoxy. Toulouse cultural spaces such as the Musée Les Abattoirs, Le Château d’Eau, and the “Pink City” itself became the setting for one of the most ambitious urban art events in Europe. During the month of June, July, and August, Epoxi will be showing works by some of the great street art icons: Futura (US), Craig Costello (US), Boris Tellegen (NL), Honet (FR), Hendrik Beikirch (DE), Aryz (ES), Reso (FR), Tilt (FR), Martha Cooper (US), Henry Chalfant (US), Sylvain Largot (FR), Remio (US), Mist (FR), and Ben Eine (UK).

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