If Wednesday we brought you the trailer for the Epoxy exhibition that was held on the occasion of the Rose Béton Festival, then today’s the day we give you the photo summary of everything that went down in this ambitious Toulouse meet up during the month of june. The images have been taken from the Butterfly Art News page.

rose_beton_june_mtn_ rose_beton_june_mtn_henry_chalfant rose_beton_june_mtn_hendrik_beikirch rose_beton_june_mtn_martha_cooper rose_beton_june_mtn_poes rose_beton_june_mtn_remio rose_beton_june_mtn_tilt rose_beton_june_mtn_tilt2 rose_beton_june_mtn_futura rose_beton_june_mtn_ben_eine rose_beton_june_mtn_aryz rose_beton_june_mtn_mist

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