We’re finally holding the fourteenth issue of one of the most prolific underground graffiti magazine from the past years in our hands: EGOWAR. An aesthetic change causes us suspect that it may be a special edition. A new design, perfect binding, and a matte finish all add up to an elegant touch that was just what the magazine needed. But this neatness does’t mean the content is more mild… it’s actually quite the opposite.


Just after opening the first pages and seeing some Hamburg and Oslo action involving a few names we’re well accustomed to seeing in the publication, we get a breath of fresh air with the unique Glasgow metro that leads into an impressive article on the writer, Rumba. Fasten your seat belts.

egowar_14_review_mtn_world_1 egowar_14_review_mtn_world_2

Although this German system conquerer’s fame precedes him, it’s impossible to imagine what is awaiting us in the following 8 pages: Moscow, St. Petersburg, the yellow Tokyo subway, a full color wholecar in Nuremberg, a full color wholecar in Sofia, a platform piece in Helsinki, an engine panel in Yerevan, Kuala Lumpur, Mexico City… Rumba knows… that there’s life on other planets.


After seeing what we just saw, the current Berlin scene seems like child’s play though the quality continues to skyrocket.


After some rigorous stops in Stockholm, Rome, and Amsterdam comes the second article which doesn’t disappoint either. It’s the perfect complement to the series of videos on Utah and Ether in Asia: a photographic follow-up of exquisite quality on some of their activity. It’s an absolute must to read the introduction.

egowar_14_review_mtn_world_6 egowar_14_review_mtn_world_8

In Greece it seems that Folk crew is busy monopolizing the crowded Athenian system, or atleast that’s what the images tell us.
We tiptoe through Moscow and Rotterdam which finishes up with a short article on Nokie and Same in India, and that brings us to the end, where some pages on Copenhagen and Naples await us.

egowar_14_review_mtn_world_11 egowar_14_review_mtn_world_10 egowar_14_review_mtn_world_9 egowar_14_review_mtn_world_12

It seems like this issue number 14 decidedly hits hard with the intention to leave an impression of a before and after, and not just because of its aesthetic evolution. Indispensable.


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