Opening Thursday, July 7th. Exhibition runs July 8th July 14th. Exhibition runs July 15th to September 2nd 2016

Montana Gallery Barcelona invites the Mexican artist, Smithe (México, 1987), for the first time to Barcelona to present his work in our exhibition space.


Smithe (México)

Since the beginning of time, demons have been the incarnate image for impious strength of the natural and supernatural; everything that leads us to err, to stray away from the path, and give ourselves in to our most primitive and heartless inner self.

Today I ask myself, what if it is us that’s reflected in the mirror? And what if the soul and its recondite confines contain all the impurity that we ascribe to imaginary beings which are alien to us?


Man is its own demon. The New Demons are those which we form ourselves; they aren’t a fantasy, they aren’t an allegory, they aren’t external influences that haphazardly flex virtue and seduce evil.

We are the demons. We are our own worst enemy.

smithe_mtn_ smithe_mtn_2

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