Born in Bogotá (Colombia), ZuriK is a graffiti writer and graphic designer with a particular interest for exploring the color realm, letter construction with a foundation in geometry, and the development of techniques such as transparencies, lines, and shadows.

Currently he is living in his hometown but he dedicates the majority of each year to traveling to various countries like Australia, Ecuador, México, Germany, Denmark, Greece, Italy and Spain, while participating in graffiti festivals or simply collaborating on murals with friends.

expo zurik

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This year he celebrates his sixth year of painting in the streets with “From the Wall”, his first solo exhibition. In order to develop graphic work, the artist utilized fragments from graffiti pieces that were painted in various countries and reproduced them now, in several shapes and sizes in aerosol on paper and canvas.


All of the works of piece details as well as the drawings are original artworks, and each canvas comes with a photograph of the corresponding piece with the intention to link both stages; that of the expositive space and that of the street.

“From the Wall” will open at El Montana Café next Thursday, July 21st at 21:00. Expect to see Jägermeister, Moritz and music courtesy of Dj Melon Ako.

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