We thought that Smithe’s absence at his open inauguration for “Neon Daemon” was going to create a huge road block in such an important day. But it didn’t. The main stars of the event were the superb works presented by the Mexican artist. The dazzling chromatic games that make up Smithe’s new and increasingly sophisticated style are the perfect mix for works that splendidly unite ancestral tradition and technique.

smithe_neon_daemons_mtn_12 smithe_neon_daemons_mtn_1 smithe_neon_daemons_mtn_2 smithe_neon_daemons_mtn_8 smithe_neon_daemons_mtn_7 smithe_neon_daemons_mtn_11 smithe_neon_daemons_mtn_14 smithe_neon_daemons_mtn_13 smithe_neon_daemons_mtn_10 smithe_neon_daemons_mtn_9 smithe_neon_daemons_mtn_4 smithe_neon_daemons_mtn_5 smithe_neon_daemons_mtn_6

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