When people as charismatic as Ponk celebrate their birthday the most natural thing to be bound to happen is that a large crowd of writer friends are going to get together to do what they love the most, namely paint. Chrome, yellow, black and white was the conditions last week when Disek, Spank, HolowBenit, Kans, Derok, Yubia, Omega 3, Sperm, Ripo, Tontos, SoCool, Ansyar, Hen and Troy got together to decorate the same wall with a great variety of styles through a long line of simple pieces.

ponk_birthday_mtn_botes ponk_birthday_mtn_ansiar ponk_birthday_mtn_benit ponk_birthday_mtn_derok ponk_birthday_mtn_disek ponk_birthday_mtn_hen ponk_birthday_mtn_kans ponk_birthday_mtn_omega3 ponk_birthday_mtn_ripoe ponk_birthday_mtn_socool ponk_birthday_mtn_sperm ponk_birthday_mtn_tontos ponk_birthday_mtn_troy ponk_birthday_mtn_yubia ponk_birthday_mtn_spank ponk_birthday_mtn_yubia_spray_

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