As part of the Igloo Hong Project program, El Mac has recently been painting some small format walls in Morocco.


Two of them are located in the city of Agdz. The first is dedicated to Mohamed Ait El Caid, a 92 year old respected citizen who lives in the building next to the painted wall. The second wall, located on a one hundred year old rustic, adobe wall, portrays the artist’s cat. This work refers to the traditional respect that there is in Morocco for these animals and whose origins lead back to a story about Muhammad.

el_mac_morocco_mtn_1 el_mac_morocco_mtn_3

el_mac_morocco_mtn_5 el_mac_morocco_mtn_6

East of Merzouga, on the border of the Sahara Desert and Algeria is where the third and most colorful wall is situated and this one is dedicated to the Saharawi people.

el_mac_morocco_mtn_7 el_mac_morocco_mtn_

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