Name: Nasty

Crew: Aim Crew & RTN

Location: From the country side – Denmark. Living in Copenhagen

Active since: 1997

Favorite surface: Anything nice and smooth, or the opposite, raw trashed walls. I’m a sucker for what ever is “paintable” in interesting surroundings. In short: Concrete and raw walls.

Personal motivation: The biggest motivation to paint comes from the never ending “chase of the dragon”. In search for the perfect balance between colors, composition, funky letters and style. I’m in love with all of it, so hard to leave it alone. As a freestyler there can be several pieces in between, before achieving just that. But that is part of the fun, you never know what you get, at the end of the day.

nasty_fire_at_will_mtn_ nasty_fire_at_will_mtn_1 nasty_fire_at_will_mtn_3 nasty_fire_at_will_mtn_4 nasty_fire_at_will_mtn_5 nasty_fire_at_will_mtn_6 nasty_fire_at_will_mtn_7 nasty_fire_at_will_mtn_8 nasty_fire_at_will_mtn_9 nasty_fire_at_will_mtn_10 nasty_fire_at_will_mtn_11 nasty_fire_at_will_mtn_12 nasty_fire_at_will_mtn_13 nasty_fire_at_will_mtn_14

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