Linea 6, the Montana Colors point of sales in Palma de Mallorca (Spain) is launching a new phase with the presentation of their space, Backstore, and what better way to inaugurate it than by paying tribute to the diversity of Majorcan graffiti and its friends?
The idea caught on and the new Line 6 exhibition space was literally covered in sketches of all kinds by local writers as well as by visitors.


On a side note, the inaugural event which presented both the Backstore room and the Paperoom exhibition, served as a way to reunite different writers who even left their conflicts and rivalries at home.
An overall great initiative that we hope will be just the first episode in a long and exciting graffiti history in the Balearic capital.

paperoom_linea_6_mtn_9 paperoom_linea_6_mtn_7 paperoom_linea_6_mtn_8 paperoom_linea_6_mtn_4 paperoom_linea_6_mtn_5 paperoom_linea_6_mtn_3 paperoom_linea_6_mtn_2 paperoom_linea_6_mtn_6

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