The team of Musa and Harry Bones, which during their first session was joined by Scan from Canada, is now also added with the presence of Emak and Gasic. Another spectacular mural where the writer from Montreal gives us the best of his great style.


Post dedicated to the real Bruce Wayne.

scan_emak_musa_harry_bones_reus_mtn_9 scan_emak_musa_harry_bones_reus_mtn_8 scan_emak_musa_harry_bones_reus_mtn_7 scan_emak_musa_harry_bones_reus_mtn_0 scan_emak_musa_harry_bones_reus_mtn_1 scan_emak_musa_harry_bones_reus_mtn_4 scan_emak_musa_harry_bones_reus_mtn_3

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