On the occasion of the “From The Wall” exhibition at El Montana Cafè Restaurant, Zurik executed a piece at the Parc de les Tres Xemeneies in Barcelona. A fragment from this piece also became part of the show. Bernat Escoriuela with his restless gaze, took charge of documenting both happenings: the work being painted on the wall, as well as the opening for “From The Wall”. And it’s all packaged together here in this video tuned to the beat of DJ Neffta.

zurik_from_the_wall_mtn_2 zurik_from_the_wall_mtn_ zurik_from_the_wall_mtn_4 zurik_from_the_wall_mtn_7 zurik_from_the_wall_mtn_8 zurik_from_the_wall_mtn_6 zurik_from_the_wall_mtn_5 zurik_from_the_wall_mtn_1

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