A wildstyle veteran and key name on the Madrid scene, Posk gives us his three best pieces. Pay close attention because this guy knows what he’s talking about…

NYC 2013

This is one of my Three Aces. It might be one of the simplest pieces I’ve ever done, but in the best way possible. 
New York, South Bronx, painted with friends as if I was at home in my own neighborhood. It was like being at the root of it all, in the beginnings. It was amazing to see the people stopping to say hi and chat. That night we wound up at the Skeme exhibition (even his 80 year old mother was there!) with the whole Old School crowd and Bobbito Garcia was on the turntables… it was incredible. 
I call it “writer’s syndrome”; to get a lot of enjoyment out of very little. Thanks to the brothers, Jimmy, aka J. Dubs, and SenTwo for the memorable day. Pure Graffiti. 



Another ace up my sleeve. It’s one of my favorite pieces for various reasons. 
The feeling of filling in a piece with leftover old cans and different colors has always given me great pleasure: to enjoy and make the most out of obsolete supplies while mixing colors (without any real plan), taking your time to decide which color to outline with, and just enjoying that process of free creation. It’s part of a mural done together with my brother, Sheism, with whom I’ve shared the street and experiences since many years ago. The next piece was also done with him. We are Wildstylerz. 



One of my most recent pieces; the Ace. 
The Miami vibe heated my hands up during a cold Madrid winter with my brother Sheism. As usual, representing Wild Style inherited from the roots of Graffiti. That is our goal, to have an indomitable style. 
That’s where Wild Style Boyz comes from. It was born in modernity with an active and pure essence that smells like the old. 

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