As the saying goes, “a good listener misses few words”. That’s what must happen with Nover’s pieces on paper. The writer from New York didn’t want to provide any statement regarding what this form of drawn graffiti means to them. Three sketch processes are enough to be able to understand that Nover’s impeccable technique speaks for itself.

nover_rtual_of_sketching_mtn_0 nover_rtual_of_sketching_mtn_1 nover_rtual_of_sketching_mtn_ nover_rtual_of_sketching_mtn_4 nover_rtual_of_sketching_mtn_5 nover_rtual_of_sketching_mtn_10 nover_rtual_of_sketching_mtn_6 nover_rtual_of_sketching_mtn_7 nover_rtual_of_sketching_mtn_11 nover_rtual_of_sketching_mtn_9

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