Due to the constant activity and the never ending evolution of style of Smole we are forced to follow up on him now and then. The current style of the writer from Montpellier offers original pieces made with one line and blocks in color, a bit similar to Mosaic, and also pieces with classic cuts but made with experimental styles of thinner layers and fills. As always, in constant movement.

smole_tf1_ftw_mtn_1 smole_tf1_ftw_mtn_ smole_tf1_ftw_mtn_2 smole_tf1_ftw_mtn_3 smole_tf1_ftw_mtn_4 smole_tf1_ftw_mtn_5 smole_tf1_ftw_mtn_7 smole_tf1_ftw_mtn_8 smole_tf1_ftw_mtn_10 smole_tf1_ftw_mtn_11 smole_tf1_ftw_mtn_12 smole_tf1_ftw_mtn_13 smole_tf1_ftw_mtn_14 smole_tf1_ftw_mtn_15 smole_tf1_ftw_mtn_16 smole_tf1_ftw_mtn_9

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