Seleka is a fundamental part of the graffiti identity of Seville. A early writer which, although his humility, has had an amazing journey full of stylistic contrasts while experimenting with graffiti in all its variations. In his later days his pieces has been permeated with experimental graffiti using bold types of tricks with indisputable originality. The people from Spraydaily made him go through the interrogation of “Hello My Name Is”, and the result became a long interview which we have broken down into fragments with a selection of photos.

“I would like that people look on my stuff as they look on a bonfire. I mean, you don’t really know whats happening there, but you enjoy it.”

seleka_spraydaily_mtn_6 seleka_spraydaily_mtn_7

“Nowadays the youth artists goal are work for big brands or expose and sell their stuff, and when we were kids our goals were have the respect and recognition of the older writers.”

seleka_spraydaily_mtn_3 seleka_spraydaily_mtn_4

“I’ve been painting since almost 23 years, so i felt tired a few times, but always where for others writers attitude.”

seleka_spraydaily_mtn_ seleka_spraydaily_mtn_2

“(Favorite spray paint) Of course Montana Colors. All ranges, each for a different purpose.”

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