The Streets of Colour project has chosen the destiny of the Baltic coast. Okuda and Remed was put in charge of a intriguing intervention on a small sailing boat in the Polish town of Sopot. Nobulo has also made this intervention for winery company Campo Viejo and Íñigo Martinez has made this photo report from the event.

okuda_remet_campo_viejo_sopot_poland_mtn_11 okuda_remet_campo_viejo_sopot_poland_mtn_8 okuda_remet_campo_viejo_sopot_poland_mtn_9 okuda_remet_campo_viejo_sopot_poland_mtn_10 okuda_remet_campo_viejo_sopot_poland_mtn_7 okuda_remet_campo_viejo_sopot_poland_mtn_5 okuda_remet_campo_viejo_sopot_poland_mtn_6 okuda_remet_campo_viejo_sopot_poland_mtn_4 okuda_remet_campo_viejo_sopot_poland_mtn_3 okuda_remet_campo_viejo_sopot_poland_mtn_2 okuda_remet_campo_viejo_sopot_poland_mtn_1

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