What happens when two masters in hyperrealistic graffiti get together? That’s the same question the organizers of the “Fuego a la Lata” event in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico must have asked themselves. What more could have we expected than this absolutely amazing result on the wall painted by Belin and Bik Ismo, who each vouched for their most peculiar style aspects; Belin used surrealist deformation and Bik Ismo intensified the complexity of his chrome effects. So, pictures are worth more than 1000 words.
Pictures made by Tostfilms and provided by Montana Colors Caribbean.

belin_bik_ismo_puerto_rico_2 belin_bik_ismo_puerto_rico_1 belin_bik_ismo_puerto_rico_3 belin_bik_ismo_puerto_rico_5 belin_bik_ismo_puerto_rico_4 belin_bik_ismo_puerto_rico_6

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