Scien and Klor came back to paint the characteristic “L” shaped mural at the Under Pressure festival in Montreal. Its been more or less a year since the last edition and during this years festival we get to see the 123Klan teaming up with Mark Esprit aka Spot and Zek156, all heavy names within Canadian graffiti. We also brought you a selection photos taken from the Instagram accounts of each participant of the events mural.

123klan_zek156_spot_under_pressure_2016_mtn_ 123klan_zek156_spot_under_pressure_2016_mtn_1 123klan_zek156_spot_under_pressure_2016_mtn_4 123klan_zek156_spot_under_pressure_2016_mtn_2 123klan_zek156_spot_under_pressure_2016_mtn_5 123klan_zek156_spot_under_pressure_2016_mtn_6

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