Roule Petit Ougandais” is a skateboarding association designed to help children in Africa. Through the gallery, Swinton, they´ve organized an exhibition of skate decks that have been hand painted by an enormous amount of street artists. The purpose of the show titled, “Road To Mukono” is to raise funds for kids in Uganda with whom they did a DIY workshop.
During the four days the exhibition’s duration, they also offered different activities such as a live painting show and a beginner’s workshop for kids for painting skateboards.
Below we include the magnificent video about this exciting project that the RPO association is embarking on.

rpo_road_to_mukono_mtn_4 rpo_road_to_mukono_mtn_6 rpo_road_to_mukono_mtn_5 rpo_road_to_mukono_mtn_7 rpo_road_to_mukono_mtn_9 rpo_road_to_mukono_mtn_8 rpo_road_to_mukono_mtn_3 rpo_road_to_mukono_mtn_2 rpo_road_to_mukono_mtn_0 rpo_road_to_mukono_mtn_10 rpo_road_to_mukono_mtn_11 rpo_road_to_mukono_mtn_1

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