Perhaps Pref’s work rings a bell for its impeccable and complex technique, combined with different words in the same piece, executed in a typographic letter style. Or maybe it rings a bell because he often collaborates with Towns on those bold compositional games of intertwining letters. Whatever the case may be, Spraydaily has selected him as the featured writer for their “Hello My Name Is” section.

Aside from his favorite paint being MTN 94, Pref addresses other interesting topics which we’ll show you here with a few quotes.

“In my opinion the graffiti rules and ideas are there to be broken and played with.”


“People are into graffiti for lots of different reasons, and that is what makes it so great.”


“Nothing worse than doing a nice pice but getting horrible photos of it.”


  1. “London style masters and true pioneers in my world (…) were my heroes and idols in the early magical years.”


“I hope the people enjoy working out the wording and I hope that those people are not just graffiti writers.”


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