We’ve reached the moment when the Asalto festival held in Zaragoza has just blasted off. It’s time to take a glance at what’s been going on during these days thanks to this photographic report.


After the opening event which saw the decoration of the tram stops (as they did the previous year), the artists have got down to work on their interventions and the Asalto facilities have been filling up for conferences and debates. And there’s still four days left!

asalto_2016_mtn_5 asalto_2016_mtn_1 asalto_2016_mtn_ asalto_2016_mtn_11 asalto_2016_mtn_4 asalto_2016_mtn_8 asalto_2016_mtn_10 asalto_2016_mtn_12 asalto_2016_mtn_9 asalto_2016_mtn_3 asalto_2016_mtn_13

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