It’s the Italian, Orgh’s turn to go down in “Ritual of Sketching” history. His sophisticated sketches use different types of techniques, making them authentic works of art; from the first pencil lines, through to the marker, and on to acrylic paints.

orgh1-ritual-sketching_mtn_1 orgh1-ritual-sketching_mtn_4  orgh1-ritual-sketching_mtn_6 orgh1-ritual-sketching_mtn_ orgh1-ritual-sketching_mtn_7

According to Orgh, each sketch is a world in its own and the dedication that places on each step of the process is a true ritual. For the occasion, he has offered us an exclusive sketch that he took advantage of to do a letter swap with Musa, another virtuous graffiti on paper sketcher in her own right.

orgh1-ritual-sketching_mtn_0 orgh1-ritual-sketching_mtn_3 orgh1-ritual-sketching_mtn_musa

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