Rabbit Hole wants to share with us their latest creation which is part of a quite interesting project…
The restaurant Brioche on Elmwood Avenue in the Ranelagh Village in Dublin decided to change their appearance. In order to announce the new era of the restaurant and to make sure that the news spread to the whole city, the Brioche hired the Rabbit Hole team to reproduce large scale illustrations of selected plates from the restaurant on different walls around the city. Enormous reproductions made in a photorealistic accuracy to get your appetite going.

We wanted to do something that would mirror the artistic element of our brand. Just as painting requires careful preparation, creativity and attention to detail so too does the precise combination of ingredients to produce a unique dish.” Patrick McArdle

rabbit_hole_Brioche_dublin_mtn_7 rabbit_hole_Brioche_dublin_mtn_1 rabbit_hole_Brioche_dublin_mtn_5 rabbit_hole_Brioche_dublin_mtn_6 rabbit_hole_Brioche_dublin_mtn_4 rabbit_hole_Brioche_dublin_mtn_

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