“My name is Koz Dos, from Caracas, Venezuela; where there are the best beaches and unreal things happen. And in the middle of all the chaos and craziness, you can also find beauty”.

Koz Dos starting painting in his neighbourhood in the year 2004, motivated by the spontaneity, risk, and freedom that graffiti had to offer; “knowing how your day will start yet being unsure of how it will end”. But these interests gradually succumbed to the need to create something new.


According to his words, the best form of creation is in mixing. That’s why his paintings are a mixture  of different elements that establish a dialogue with one another depending on the final result. The evolution of his own graffiti, which began with throw-ups and tags, evolved on to colors, volume, and geometry, until it reached the characters that define his current work in which we can now appreciate his stylistic journey.

Man has been invading and destroying nature since our origins.

Animals, portraits, and geometry make up Koz Dos’ triangle of interests, that once united on the wall, construct fantastical characters which serve as a narrative for his unconscious mind, and as metaphysical symbols for visual and painterly expression.

koz_dos_mtn_Spain-MurciaMurcia, Spain

Nature, the rational, and man confront one another while coexisting in harmony and unity. It’s a concept directly linked to an ecological protest; “Man has been invading and destroying nature since our origins”.

“I’ve taken the liberty to speak for those who have a voice but have been induced and conditioned to keep quiet”.

One of his largest works and his favourite (because it is located in his hometown), presents elements in a totem format, which responds not just to the adaptation of a vertical surface: “when I speak of contemplation what I’m referring to is creating a type of religious ritual, but in my own way (…). It’s a way of sharing a little bit about South American in an everyday and subtle way”.

koz_dos_mtn_4 koz_dos_mtn_5

The portraits that appear have their own meanings: “they are normal, ordinary people who break down the barriers imposed on us by society, people who speak through their stares. I’ve taken the liberty to speak for those who have a voice but have been induced and conditioned to keep quiet”.

koz_dos_mtn_6 koz_dos_mtn_3

Koz Dos has painted in countries as varied as Venezuela, Italy, Germany, Austria, and Spain, and from all of them he carries with him uncountable anecdotes and memories. According to him, one can meet different people any place you go, and although they might be not be involved in the graffiti or painting scene, they can still become relevant people in the development of your projects or in life itself.

“Magic exists, but only madmen are fortunate enough to enjoy it.”

However, among these vivid anecdotes, he remembers with special affection, those moments when he finds himself with Venezuelan immigrants. “I’ve had the opportunity to meet fellow Venezuelans in many places and the famous phrase that stands out is, ’la vaina esta jodía’ (things are hard)’.  On one occasion I met a person who thanked me for bringing a little piece of Venezuela where everything was so cold”.

koz_dos_mtn_Venezuela-Maracay-bMaracay, Venezuela koz_dos_mtn_Austria-wienWien, Austria

For Koz Dos, the fact that someone identifies with the work that he is developing is one of the most important aspects in painting.
So, we could say that the impact that his work already causes in the public sphere – whether it be for the interesting convergence of elements or for his technical audacity – is a source that emanates different feelings in each and every viewer. As he says himself, magic exists, but only madmen are fortunate enough to enjoy it•

koz_dos_mtn_Italy-GemonaGemona, Italy koz_dos_mtn_Austria-GrazGraz, Austria

koz_dos_mtn_Germany-MagdeburgMagdeburg, Germany

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