Art, love, and passion are the three concepts through which the ARTistLOVE association intends to carry out their work in social transformation.
In May, 2016, ARTistLOVE set forth on a journey through India where, with Montana Colors’ support, the “Sharing Experiences India 2016” program was to be set in motion.

During almost four months, the collective developed artistic and social projects dedicated to child and adolescent groups in different centres for education. New Delhi, Bombay, Anantapur and Gengapuram are the cities in which workshops and activities were held that included the development of artistic abilities, as well as the promotion of values in social education such as teamwork, inclusion, and other principles in the field of personal and social development.

artistlove_mtn_VICENTE-FERRER---004 artistlove_mtn_Save-The-Dreams---Mumbai

Some applied examples of these initiatives are activities like “Dreams in Our Hands”, in which the participants embodied their dreams and future projections in the palm of their hand, or “School Walls”, where the students from a school were involved in the artistic and creative process of painting the walls of their facilities.

artistlove_mtn_PARAMESHWAR_WALL91 artistlove_mtn_PARAMESHWAR_WALL17

Other types of community projects were carried out such as, “Kissing the Rain”, in which collective art making served as a way to decorate tarps that were used to cover homes and waterproof them, or “Save the Dreams”, a project in which various urban walls were beautified.

artistlove_mtn_KISSING-THE-RAIN---18 artistlove_mtn_KISSING-THE-RAIN---68

On the official ARTistLOVE blog you can follow each step of their trip through its various stages. It’s an admirable job well done that Montana Colors is proud to have supported.

artistlove_mtn_CNI-SHISHU-2016---45 artistlove_mtn_VICENTE-FERRER---049 artistlove_mtn_23 artistlove_mtn_22 artistlove_mtn_2VICENTE-FERRER---101 artistlove_mtn_CNI-SHISHU-2016---54 artistlove_mtn_Save-the-Dreams-Mumbai-2

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