The Ono’u festival has practically come to its end. Tomorrow will be the last day of the graffiti meeting on Tahiti, which in only two years has become one of the most important graffiti and urban arts events internationally.

So, before the 2016 edition comes to its end, lets do a brief review of the works in the making and some of the artists which has participated this year.
Pictures by Selina Miles.

ONOU_2016_MTN_8 ONOU_2016_MTN_1 ONOU_2016_MTN_4 ONOU_2016_MTN_3 ONOU_2016_MTN_10 ONOU_2016_MTN_11 ONOU_2016_MTN_9 ONOU_2016_MTN_5 ONOU_2016_MTN_ ONOU_2016_MTN_2 ONOU_2016_MTN_6

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