We head all the way over to Hong Kong to unleash Xeme’s Three Aces. Here they are:

I had fun doing this piece, first, because we found this virgin wall in the forest to paint.
Secondly, because I had a chance to experiment and play around with various types of 3D in this piece.
And lastly, all the crazy giant insects around the area made this piece more interesting…


We did this roller in the winter months a few years back. Yummy and I spent 4 weekends from 12-5am going to the spot to roll it. There were random people there fishing or doing weird stuff, so we had to wait for them to leave a few nights. It took us a night and a half to measure and sketch everything properly. The wall wasn’t flat so it was hard for us to do a solid fill and we almost had to spend twice the time rolling the whole thing. The piece lasted less than 3 months and was buffed.


This was the most recent piece I did in Hong Kong and it’s also my first attempt at doing pixel stuff.
I’m not really satisfied with it, but I will definitely try more pixel stuff in the future.



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